Chandelier Selection Guide for Newlyweds

When settling into a new home, all details should be carefully considered. After creating a detailed list of needs, the necessary tools and equipment for the house should be completed based on these needs. Lighting is an essential system for every space. In homes where the majority of the day is spent, lighting becomes even more crucial. When choosing lighting products that determine the enjoyment and efficiency of all processes throughout the day, you should be careful and meticulous.

When choosing among chandeliers commonly used in homes, you should select the one that is most suitable for your space, needs, and style. By considering these criteria, you can create a chandelier selection guide for your home. You can obtain home lighting products from the Mylamp brand, which designs elegant products with its creative team.

Chandelier Selection: How Should Living Room Chandeliers Be?

The living room is typically the most glamorous and elaborately decorated area of the house. To create a chandelier selection guide for the living room and make the most accurate choice, you should consider the width of the room. In addition to the room's width, the decoration style and ceiling height in the living room are also important details for chandelier selection. Among the chandelier varieties of the Mylamp brand, you can easily find the chandelier that suits your living room's style and vertical space.

If you have a high-ceilinged living room, you can opt for a long pendant chandelier. If your living room has a low ceiling, you may consider examining chandelier models that expand horizontally. The chandelier selection guide can vary for every living room style. When choosing a chandelier for the living room, you can use a model that contrasts with the general ambiance or opt for a chandelier that harmonizes with the style of the living room.

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When deciding on the living room lighting, you should also consider the purpose of the room. The living room is generally the most actively used area in a home. If you engage in activities beyond basic functions such as relaxing, watching TV, or chatting in the living room, you should choose lighting that suits those activities.

For example; if you prefer to use the dining table in the living room, you should separately illuminate the dining area for comfortable dining. If you engage in reading in the living room, you can opt for floor lamps or reading lights for more comfortable reading. If you enjoy using the vertical space in the living room, you can create a more elegant look by illuminating wall decorations. Adding accent lighting to paintings and accessories can create an aesthetic appearance. In addition to all these, if you have a spacious living room, illuminating the space from multiple centers can enhance the efficiency of the area.

How Should Kitchen Chandeliers Be?

The chandelier selection guide should be created separately for every area of the house. The kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas in the house. It is the space where daily cooking activities take place. In addition to decoration and ceiling height, the time spent in the kitchen should also be taken into account.

Soft-toned lights that illuminate the entire ceiling can be preferred. However, since the cooking preparation process requires attention, white and bright lights should be preferred in an area near the counter. Since food residues can splatter around during cooking, you can opt for easy-to-clean and functional models. Additionally, care should be taken to avoid liquid contact with lamps or electrical cables during use. As white and bright lighting products can be visually tiring during prolonged use, it is recommended to supplement with ceiling lighting except during cooking times.

How Should Entryway and Hallway Lighting Be?

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Using a chandelier selection guide for the entrance, which is the entry part of the house, is crucial. Because the first step taken into the house is important for both the household and creates the first impression for someone new to the house. By evaluating the length, width, and ceiling height of the entrance, you can choose the chandelier. If you have limited space, you should avoid choosing a large-sized chandelier. Opting for a large-sized chandelier can make the space appear smaller by overwhelming it. By bringing together multiple small-sized lamps, you can create an elegant look and illuminate your entrance. Based on the total size of the entrance, you can decide on a long or wide chandelier model.

The area referred to as a corridor or hallway connects the rooms of the house. Properly illuminating this area provides convenience when moving from one room to another. Choosing bright lights allows you to achieve a clear view. In addition to ceiling lighting, you can illuminate your hallway with wall-mounted lights. Also, if you have a long hallway, you can use pendant lights arranged in a row.

How Should Bedroom Lighting Be?

When choosing lighting for bedrooms, you should consider the position of the sun. Calculating the incoming sunlight into the room makes it easier to make the right choice. If the bedroom doesn't receive enough natural light, you can opt for stronger lighting. If the bedroom tends to be dark, it is essential to provide sufficient light with multiple light sources.

The bedroom is generally a space used for relaxation and sleep. When creating a chandelier selection guide for the bedroom, you should determine your intended use for the space. If the bedroom is primarily a relaxation area, you can opt for lighting with warm undertones and soft colors. This way, it becomes easier to fall asleep, and the likelihood of eye strain is reduced.

The bedroom also serves as a space for various activities such as dressing, preparation, makeup application, reading, and exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to diversify the lighting methods according to these activities. For actions like dressing, preparation, and makeup application, you may prefer brighter and whiter lights. It is not recommended to use yellow-toned lamps for these activities as they require more attention.

For reading, you can choose bedside lighting or use a floor lamp. When exercising, you can illuminate the area with bright lights that allow for dynamic and active movement. While creating a chandelier selection guide for the bedroom, depending on the usage of the space, you can adopt two styles of lighting. Among the options like rattan lighting, bamboo chandeliers, hazeran, palm, fabric, and metal chandelier varieties, you can easily find a model that suits your preferences and home decor.

Which Chandelier Provides Better Lighting?

While some areas of the house can receive natural light during the day, in corridors and entrances where natural light is limited or absent, you may opt for a chandelier with bright lights. Using bright lights can provide a high level of visibility when moving from one room to another. When creating a chandelier selection guide, especially for relaxation areas like the bedroom, your preference may be for comfort and soothing soft tones.

In areas with high human traffic and various activities like the living room, to save energy, you can opt for LED chandelier varieties. Additionally, with the high light provided by LED bulbs, you can easily illuminate large spaces. One of the points to pay attention to when creating a chandelier selection guide is the direction in which the chandelier emits light. Chandeliers that do not emit harsh light and eliminate sharp lines are models that provide upward light. These models allow the light to spread evenly, reducing the likelihood of eye fatigue during prolonged use compared to other models.

Chandeliers that emit light downward make your highlighted items in the room more striking. It facilitates tasks that require attention. However, they are not recommended for areas used for relaxation, such as the bedroom, as they can cause eye fatigue during prolonged use. You can find a chandelier that suits your needs and preferences from the Mylamp brand's range of chandelier models and decorate your home.

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