Solar Lamp

Solar lamps can be described as a very special lighting product group that operates with solar energy. Solar lamps, one of the most attention-grabbing types of lighting in recent times, receive their energy from the sun and can work for a certain period with the energy they have stored during the day. In the evening and night hours, the space where the lamp is located can be effortlessly illuminated with the energy it has stored during the day. You can use solar lamps with eye-catching designs to create a unique atmosphere in any space.

Solar Lamps

Solar lamps that receive their energy from the sun promise practical and convenient lighting solutions. Each lamp equipped with a programmed solar circuit panel stands out with its remarkable features. In the solar lamp category, ready-made designs are available, and custom designs can also be created.

Solar lamps with their colors, patterns, and models play a vital role in achieving the desired atmosphere in a space. You can choose special designs that provide ease of use and enjoy peaceful and pleasant moments.

Solar Lamp Models

Solar lamps with striking designs store the energy they need during daylight hours in their batteries. As a result, they can work effortlessly, especially in the late evening and night, with the power from their batteries. Solar lamps with different designs offer many advantages as they reduce electricity consumption.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting, solar lamps continue to stand out with their eye-catching appearances. Rattan-based solar lamps, unique lamp models powered by bamboo, metal solar lamps, and many other models are available, allowing you to uniquely decorate your space and make a difference in your decor.

Solar Lamp Prices

Solar lamps, which receive their energy from the sun and therefore do not require electricity, are presented to you with the privilege of MyLamp. Each lamp model with unique designs stands out both with its colors and the elegance of its design.

You can create a magnificent atmosphere effortlessly by using solar lamps offered at very special prices. Additionally, you can save on electricity consumption and enjoy a more pleasant life. MyLamp offers more than just a lamp.


Our Useful Model Patent, with TR2017 13886 Y no, was patented with Industrial Property Law No. 6769 on 19/09/2017, as Desktop Solar Lighting System.



  • 6 Osram 2835 led high lumen warm white.

  • 200 lumens of light power.

  • 6.5-volt solar panel.

  • Programmed solar circuit panel.

  • Li-ion 3.6V/ AA 2000mAh built-in rechargeable high-quality battery.


  • Lighting capacity between 10-12 hours.
  • Must be charged for 4-7 hours in direct sunlight.
  • The light value decreases according to the capacity of the charge.
  • Lighting capacity of 10-12 hours with a full charge.
  • Different color fabric hats can be made for bulk orders. You can visit our custom design page.

Important Note:

The lamp should not be charged while it is turned on.

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