Remodeling After Decoration Ideas

The majority of daily life takes place indoors. With the diversification of technology and business models, the necessity of being together in one place for many jobs disappears, and the number of tasks done from home increases. This, in turn, emphasizes the importance of interior decoration. Changes in preferences, evolving fashion sense, and the functional inadequacy of old decor are among the many reasons for renovations and various changes in the home.

With post-renovation decoration ideas, you can harmonize the changes you make inside your home with your belongings and style. In interior decoration, do not overlook lighting products that create a complementary effect and provide elegance. With metal, bamboo, and rattan chandelier models available on our website, you can add a different harmony to each room.

The Most Popular Space in Homes: Kitchen Decoration

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas in a home. A narrow and small kitchen can make the time spent inside challenging. Especially in tight and small spaces, decorating the kitchen well is important for individuals who feel cramped and uncomfortable. A kitchen, designed with smart solutions, can be quite functional even if it has limited space. After renovation, it can achieve an aesthetic appearance with decoration ideas.

Tadilat Sonrası Dekorasyon Fikirleri

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The most crucial point in the kitchen is the tiles. Tiles that are worn, broken, and outdated due to use can create a gloomy atmosphere in the spaces they are in. Tiles that are worn for various reasons lose their color and shine over time. Especially in the decoration of a kitchen with limited space, the preference for light and airy colors is a very important detail. In small and narrow spaces, patterns, textures, and figures should be avoided as much as possible. In addition, wooden cabinets have a darkening and overwhelming structure in the spaces they are in. One of the post-renovation decoration ideas for the kitchen is to emphasize the color white.

Choosing the color white for walls and tiles makes the space appear larger and more spacious than it actually is. To create a modern and stylish kitchen, you can incorporate lighting at multiple points. For example, in addition to ceiling lighting, you can opt for countertop lighting and accent lighting. Avoiding dark colors in furniture and cabinets can create a bright and vibrant kitchen. With a simple and adaptable kitchen, you can maintain satisfaction with your decoration for a long time.

Tadilat Sonrası Dekorasyon Fikirleri

Bathroom Decoration Tips

Bathroom competes with the kitchen as one of the most frequently used areas in the house. The bathroom should be functional and appealing to everyone for the entire household to comfortably handle all tasks. In gloomy and neglected bathrooms, one may not feel at ease. Apricot tones and off-white shades, commonly preferred in old-style bathrooms, create a tiresome look. Both classic and many outdated designs can diminish the quality of time spent in the bathroom. Additionally, it is crucial for the bathroom to be hygienic and provide a fresh atmosphere.

The bathroom should be decorated avoiding tones close to yellow that may give the impression of dirtiness. To create a fresher and cleaner appearance, soothing colors can be preferred. For instance, you can choose mint-colored tiles for the bathroom. This way, by combining white and mint colors, you can create a beautiful bathroom. Mint color enhances bathroom lighting and lighting fixtures as well. In bathrooms, you can opt for non-intrusive ceiling lights mounted on the ceiling. Among the post-renovation decorating ideas is including additional lighting in your interior design.

Tadilat Sonrası Dekorasyon Fikirleri

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For the bathroom mirror, you can use special accent lighting. If you have a spacious bathroom, to facilitate the preparation process, you can acquire a second mirror that moves in conjunction with the main mirror and install a lighting system that corresponds to the mirror. Opting for water-resistant lighting products ensures greater satisfaction in the long run.

Not only in lighting products but also when choosing bathroom cabinets, you should prefer items that will not be damaged in the warm and humid environment in the short term. For elegant and stylish bathrooms, you can list rattan chandeliers and sconce models, and you can also explore other lighting products with different colors, models, and design options on our website. You can beautify your bathroom with post-renovation decoration ideas.

Tadilat Sonrası Dekorasyon Fikirleri

Add Color to Your Home with Post-Renovation Decoration Tips

After renovation, it is possible to add a different harmony to your home with decoration ideas. You can achieve a fresh look on your walls by using patterned wallpapers. Another option for your walls is to use embossed cladding materials with the wall covering method. Opting for cladding models that harmonize with your furniture can create a unified look within the room. Kitchen countertops are one of the most frequently used areas by the entire household throughout the day. Therefore, if there is any dissatisfaction with the countertop, a quick solution should be found.

If you think your countertop does not harmonize with your kitchen after the renovation or if your preferences have changed, there is no need to have a new countertop made from scratch. You can renew your countertop using paints specially designed for kitchen countertops. If there are cracks in your bathroom sink or if your sink is damaged during renovation, you can use silicone to seal the cracks. For an aesthetic touch to your windows, you can choose stained glass. To add color to your kitchen cabinets, you can paint them or use coating papers suitable for the kitchen structure to renew your kitchen cabinets.

You can achieve a fresh look by changing the places of cabinet handles and drawers. One of the post-renovation decoration ideas is to update lighting fixtures. By selecting design chandelier models from our website, you can create a stylish look for different areas of your home. If you want to enlarge the size of the baseboards, instead of having new baseboards made from scratch, you can mount a strip in parallel with the baseboard in the same color and paint the space in between. Especially in areas with individual use such as the bedroom or children's room, you can opt for open hangers instead of cabinets to save space.

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Customize the Spaces in Your Home with Post-Renovation Decoration Ideas

If your home has a courtyard or balcony, you can transform this space into a small vacation retreat. These areas are often used for storing unused items, creating visually unappealing and gloomy environments. However, these spaces are part of your living area and with good design, they can make you feel very comfortable. In older design homes, small courtyards have given way to narrow balconies in new design homes. Regardless of the conditions, these areas with limited space can be made stylish and elegant with post-renovation decoration ideas.

Tadilat Sonrası Dekorasyon Fikirleri

When decorating these spaces, the first step is to paint the walls in light colors. Depending on the amount of natural light the space receives, you can also consider pastel tones. Opt for foldable table and chair models to save space. Enhance the lower part of the walls with flowers for a beautiful appearance. Provide lighting from multiple points using rope cables or create a cozy atmosphere with wall sconces. Consider choosing storage ottomans that serve both as seating and storage space.

If the area you've decorated is a balcony, you can add an authentic touch by hanging curtains or sheer fabric to block the wind. Personalizing the space is another post-renovation decoration idea. You can hang photos on the walls or explore wall decorations and design mirror models available on our website.

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