Mimoza Natural 28x13 cm. Bamboo Lamp
Bamboo Pendant Lamp
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Mimoza Natural 28x13 cm. Bamboo Lamp

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  • Our rattan and bamboo products are gathered from their natural environments using natural methods, crafted by hand without any processing for perfect appearance or the use of molds to achieve fixed measurements.
  • Due to the natural state of the plants, there may be color variations, transitions, stains, and various differences present in the plant's stems reflected in the product.
  • Furthermore, handmade products may inevitably have slight discrepancies in measurements.
  • Diameter: 28 cm, Height: 13 cm. The interior is made of natural bamboo, while the exterior is painted with UV paint technology. The exterior paint does not yellow. Our products are priced per unit. Bulb not included with the product.
  • Our product requires an LED E27 bulb socket.
  • Mimoza Natural 28x13 cm. Bamboo Lamp

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    • Our product includes a hanging installation. The cable hanger is sent in black color.
    • Bamboo is a member of the grass family, comprising approximately 1200 plant species. Among these species, there are many variations.
    • These plants, which are highly resistant to water and external influences, are especially used in the construction of garden furniture and accessories.
    • Due to their durability and flexibility, bamboo species are used in various fields by people. Their natural habitats are Asia, South and North America, and Africa. High-quality bamboo grows especially in areas affected by monsoon rains. Bamboo can withstand even very cold weather conditions.
    • Bamboo lamps, with their unique natural texture and durability, are environmentally friendly and not harmful to the human body.
    • All rights reserved for the photos on our website. They cannot be used or distributed.

    Bamboo Pendant Lamp

    Installment Installment Amount Sub-Total
    Peşin 470,00 470,00
    2 242,05 484,10
    3 162,93 488,80
    4 123,38 493,50
    5 99,64 498,20
    Installment Installment Amount Sub-Total
    Peşin 470,00 470,00
    2 240,41 480,81
    3 159,80 479,40
    4 120,44 481,75
    5 98,37 491,86
    6 81,08 486,45
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