Mimosa Black 28x13 cm. Bamboo Lamp
Bamboo Pendant Lamp
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Mimosa Black 28x13 cm. Bamboo Lamp

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  • Our rattan and bamboo products are sourced from their natural environments and handcrafted without any processing or the use of molds to achieve consistent measurements, ensuring a perfect appearance.
  • Due to the natural characteristics of plants, variations such as differences in color, transitions, spots, and various natural variations in the plant's structure are reflected in the product.
  • Furthermore, slight discrepancies in measurements may occur inevitably due to the handmade nature of our products.
  • Diameter: 28 cm, Height: 13 cm. The interior is made of natural bamboo, while the exterior is coated with UV paint technology, preventing yellowing. Our product is priced per unit and does not include a bulb.
  • Our product requires the use of an LED E27 bulb socket.
  • Mimosa Black 28x13 cm. Bamboo Lamp

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    • The installation hardware for our product is included. A black cable strap is provided.
    • Bamboo belongs to the grass family, comprising approximately 1200 plant species. Among these species, there are significant variations.
    • These plants are highly resistant to water and external influences, making them particularly suitable for making garden furniture and accessories.
    • Due to their durability and flexibility, bamboo species are utilized in various fields, with their natural habitats being Asia, South and North America, and Africa. High-quality bamboo is especially found in areas where monsoon rains are prevalent. Bamboo can even withstand very cold weather conditions.
    • Bamboo lamps, with their unique natural texture and durability, are environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body.
    • All rights reserved for the photos on our website. They cannot be used or distributed.

    Bamboo Pendant Lamp

    Installment Installment Amount Sub-Total
    Peşin 470,00 470,00
    2 242,05 484,10
    3 162,93 488,80
    4 123,38 493,50
    5 99,64 498,20
    Installment Installment Amount Sub-Total
    Peşin 470,00 470,00
    2 240,41 480,81
    3 159,80 479,40
    4 120,44 481,75
    5 98,37 491,86
    6 81,08 486,45
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