Raffia Wall Decor 50 cm
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Raffia Wall Decor 50 cm

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  • Natural raffia, natural sea instrument and synthetic raffia are all made with hand workmanship.
  • Diameter: 50 cm. Including fringe
  • Thickness: 2 cm.
  • in the natural environments of our products are collected in natural ways, in the name of the perfect image, without any processing in the name of the perfect image or to obtain a fixed size without any mold.
  • Again, there may be inevitably very small plus/minus differences in handmade products.

Raffia Wall Decor 50 cm

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  • Diameter: 50 cm fringe included.
  • Thickness: 2 cm
  • Our product is manufactured with hand workmanship from raffia.
  • Each is produced by hand and is unique and differing. There is no change and return because it is special production and craftsmanship.
  • Rafaya, (Raffia Palms, Raphia) is a large body, a long palm type of leaves. It is seen in America and Africa. It is especially seen in Madagascar. The tall of the tree can grow up to 16 meters. After the leaves are dried It is a palm tree with a large body that can find 5 meters in Length of the leaves of some species.
    This palm of madagascar origin is produced raffia fiber. The fibers have an extremely soft texture. The fibers of this palm used in the textile industry and the products produced with these fibers are called raffia

Wall Decoration

Installment Installment Amount Sub-Total
Peşin 362,00 362,00
2 186,43 372,86
3 125,49 376,48
4 95,03 380,10
5 76,74 383,72
Installment Installment Amount Sub-Total
Peşin 362,00 362,00
2 185,17 370,33
3 123,08 369,24
4 92,76 371,05
5 75,77 378,83
6 62,45 374,67
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