Cocoon 12x16x17 cm Rattan Saklik-2
Rattan Wall Lamp
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Cocoon 12x16x17 cm Rattan Saklik-2

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  • Rattan and BAMBOO products are collected in natural ways, in natural ways, is produced with handicrafts without any processing in order to obtain a fixed measure in the name of the perfect image. In some points, color differences, color transitions, stains and various differences existing in the body of the plant are reflected as the product.
  • Cocoon 12 cm lower diameter x 16 cm moderate diameter x 17 cm high. Rattan SUPLİK-2 products Our knitting on the static painted galvanized wire cage that prevents deforming is made of completely natural Rattan material. Our product is priced as unit. Our product is not included in the bulb.
  • Cocoon 12x16x17 cm Rattan Saklik-2

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    • Rattan is a kind of furniture that is grown only in the equatorial belt, obtained from local trees and is generally formed in the form of knitting. It provides a natural and aesthetic appearance in the interior and outdoor spaces it is used.
    • Rattan lamps brings the exotic atmosphere of the east to the east to the pool heads, cafes, balconies, gardens, offers a new decoration approach to the consumer with the rich varieties suitable for my home equipment.
    • Easy to be clean, resistance to ultraviolet rays, resistance to impact, maintain care, decay, not affected by cold and heat, different colors and alternatives, thanks to the fact that it has become widespread.
    • Rattan lamps will continue to maintain your place in your life for a long time and add natural living spaces to your life.
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    Rattan Wall Lamp

    Installment Installment Amount Sub-Total
    Peşin 613,00 613,00
    2 315,70 631,39
    3 212,51 637,52
    4 160,91 643,65
    5 129,96 649,78
    Installment Installment Amount Sub-Total
    Peşin 613,00 613,00
    2 313,55 627,10
    3 208,42 625,26
    4 157,08 628,33
    5 128,30 641,50
    6 105,74 634,46
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