Bells 55x45 Rattan Lambader
Rattan Floor Lamp


Bells 55x45 Rattan Lambader

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  • Rattan and BAMBOO products are collected in natural ways, in natural ways, is produced with handicrafts without any processing in order to obtain a fixed measure in the name of the perfect image. In some points, color differences, color transitions, stains and various differences existing in the body of the plant are reflected as the product.
  • Our products are made of completely natural Rattan material on the static painted galvanized wire cage, which prevents deforming. The galvanized pipe we use in our product is DKP laser cut hair. Our product is priced as a unit. Our product is not included in the bulb.
  • Bells 55x45 Rattan Lambader

    Sold Out
    • Rattan Floor Lamp

    Installment Installment Amount Sub-Total
    Peşin 2.631,00 2.631,00
    2 1.354,97 2.709,93
    3 912,08 2.736,24
    4 690,64 2.762,55
    5 557,77 2.788,86
    Installment Installment Amount Sub-Total
    Peşin 2.631,00 2.631,00
    2 1.345,76 2.691,51
    3 894,54 2.683,62
    4 674,20 2.696,78
    5 550,67 2.753,34
    6 453,85 2.723,09
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