Seljuk Colorful Bamboo 4 Piece Small Set
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Seljuk Colorful Bamboo 4 Piece Small Set

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  • Rattan and bambu products are collected in natural ways in natural environments, produced by handwork without using any mold in order to obtain a fixed measure in the name of the perfect image.
  • Due to the natural state of plants, color differences, color transitions, stains and various differences in the body of the plant are reflected in the product.
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  • Seljuk Colorful Bamboo 4 Piece Small Set

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    • Bamboo is the name of a family that covers about 1200 plant species belonging to the grass family. Among these species, there are also very different ones.

    • These plants, which are highly resistant to water and external influences, are especially used in the production of garden furniture and accessories.

    • Due to their durability and flexibility, bamboo types, which are used in many different areas by people, have natural habitats in Asia, South and North America, and Africa. Quality bamboo grows especially in places where Monsoon rains are effective. Bamboo adapts even to very cold weather conditions.

    • Bamboo lamp, besides its unique natural texture and durability, is environmentally friendly and not harmful to the human body.

    • Due to the special production and handcrafting, there is no exchange or return. 

    • Bulb is not included with our product.

    • All rights reserved for the photos on our website. They cannot be used or distributed.

    Installment Installment Amount Sub-Total
    Peşin 2.188,00 2.188,00
    Installment Installment Amount Sub-Total
    Peşin 2.188,00 2.188,00
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